Probity has a wealth of experience in providing management consulting services in the energy and utility sectors.  We are an independent management consultancy providing practical, independent, knowledge-based advice. We help organisations improve their businesses performance through people, process and technology.

We’ve helped the following companies…

We were engaged to undertake a review of the existing systems and processes for the purpose of providing accurate and detailed information to support improved staff productivity, customer and product profitability, asset management and asset utilisation.

The review resulted in the development of a strategy incorporating improved business processes, reconfiguration of existing systems as well as implementation of a work force management system.

Our engagement was then extended to assists with procurement of the new system and project management of project to deliver the entire solution.



We were engaged to reviewed the financial and asset management requirements of the organisation as they related to managing Gisborne Port, Gisborne Airport and the Lines Company. We benchmarked the incumbent systems’ functionalities and business processes with the organisation’s current and longer term business requirements. We also assessed the technology infrastructure from the perspective of its ability to be supported longer term as well as the costs and implications of retention. Our findings were presented and adopted by the  executive team.



UltraFast Fibre is responsible for connecting retail service providers customers to their fibre network.  UltraFast was struggling to meet the significantly increasing customer demand. Probity was engaged to asses and improve the business processes supporting customer connection. We employed a number of LEAN process improvement principles and improved connection rates by 71% over a period of three months, while at the same time demand increased by 100%.




Transfield was deploying SAP across NZ and Australia. We were engaged to provide both programme management and change management for the New Zealand component of the project. Our change management team worked across the business to ensure a seamless transition to the new system and processes. Our team developed and delivered the communications plan, engaged with the business to identify and reduce pockets of resistance and provided appropriate levels of training and support.




We were engaged to undertake a review of the payroll and HR function supporting Wel Networks, Wel Contracting and UltraFast fibre. This review assessed the risks associated use of the current payroll system, internal controls, the efficiency of existing business processes and compliance with best practice in payroll processing.

The results of the review were presented to the executive team and adopted in full.



We were engaged to project manage the enhancement of the Gentrack billing engine to accommodate a new billing regime.

We were also engaged to manage the procurement of a new enterprise ERP. This solution required incorporated financials, with a focus on job costing, inventory management, assets registers enabling differing asset valuation methodologies and management reporting.

The solution also incorporated comprehensive asset maintenance management.



Our services include:

  • system reviews
  • strategy development
  • business case preparation
  • search and selection
  • implementation assistance
  • independent quality assurance
  • process mapping and improvement
  • organisational development and design
  • culture change
  • organisational structures and restructuring